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Paulmi and Harsh


Design Strategy

Visual Identity

Art Direction

Tagline & Copywriting

Graphic Design

Social Media

Paulmi and Harsh is a luxury prêt label inspired by beautiful botanicals. Inspired by the sky, Ambara is their Spring/ Summer ‘20 Collection. Featuring their signature ‘back to nature’ hand painted floral and bird prints, painstakingly enhanced with embroideries and transformed into 3d work by their talented Karigars, Ambara is for the modern woman – bold and free and at the same time, soft and feminine.

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The collection story was developed to highlight that all human being are

under the same sky. Our thoughts may be different, but feelings are universal. The role of craft is to break down barriers. To forget all the differences and focus on the oneness of our experience on earth – no matter the colour of our skin, the colour of our blood is the same.

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The editorial layouts both on the social media feed and on the online store, are centred around colour. Using the four shades to form chevrons on the Instagram feed, the result is pleasing and eye catching, bringing together the collection cohesively.

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